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Stipe Miocic On How He Beats Fabricio Werdum, Rematch With Junior Dos Santos

stipe miocic

Stipe Miocic can place his name in the history books when he faces Fabricio Werdum next month for the UFC heavyweight title.

Miocic and Werdum will headline UFC 198 from Brazil, as the event takes place inside a soccer stadium on pay-per-view.

Recently, Miocic appeared on Submission Radio to discuss Werdum and a possible rematch with Junior dos Santos down the road.

Below is a transcript of the conversation:

Thoughts on JDS’ victory over Rothwell

“Junior looked good. He kept his distance, hit him with some good shots, you know, worked the body real well, and Ben just didn’t have an answer; you know, and that’s what you’re supposed to do. He had a good game plan.”

If Stipe thinks this is a sign that the old JDS is back

“I don’t know. He’s always been tough, you know, it’s just there’s just always tough fights in the UFC no matter what it is. I think he always looks good he’s just, you know…some nights are good, some nights are bad. I’ve been there.”

If Stipe believes he may face JDS a second time around

“Oh yeah, I mean definitely. I mean, if it’s what the UFC wants. You know, I’d love to fight Junior again. I think it’d be an amazing fight between us. I know he’s gonna come out swinging just like me and I think it’d be a hell of a fight. You know, a lot of leather’s gonna be thrown that night if we did get a rematch.”

Stipe on the advantage he has over Werdum

“I think I have the advantage everywhere. I know he’s going to the ground, but he knows I’m a good wrestler. If we’re on our feet I think I beat him on the feet, and I think wherever it goes I’ll have an advantage everywhere.”

If Stipe has any concerns about taking the fight to the ground with Werdum

“No. Whatever happens, happens man. It’s a fight. And if it goes to the ground, you know, I’ll be smart about what I do. You know what I mean? I mean, anyone could get submitted. I mean, even if you’re a black belt or not. I mean, it is a part of the game. You know, look at Ben Rothwell. I don’t think he’s a black belt, but he choked out Josh Barnett.”

Prediction for his win

“You’ll see when my hand’s raised on May 14th. You’ll see how I did it.”