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Stephen Thompson Believes There Is No Doubting His No. 1 Status

stephen thompson

Stephen Thompson has the ranking, the win streak and the high-profile victories to put his resume against the rest of the UFC’s welterweight division.

Thompson, coming off a decision win over Rory MacDonald appeared on a recent edition of Submission Radio to discuss his future, his friendship with Georges St-Pierre and more:

On his injuries from UFC Ottawa and how long until he can fight again

“I ended up hurting my left foot and my right foot. My shins are a little bruised up too, but I thought I ended up breaking my left foot kicking his elbow – I think it was in the second round – just totally crushed my foot on his elbow. And so we got x-rays yesterday – actually, it started feeling a whole lot better. So I actually did class, did a little bit of moving around, a little bit of shadow-boxing. The worst injury, I believe, is my right thumb. I ended up tearing a ligament in it and doctors were talking about maybe having to do some surgery on it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though, hopefully that doesn’t happen. Yeah man, so far right now, the worst injury is my right thumb. And hopefully after that, if I do have to have surgery, it will be a quick recovery.”

What Stephen believes is next for him

“I’m on a seven-fight winning-streak, which is the most in the division. So I beat the best guys in the division. I beat the number two guy, the number one guy, finished Jake Ellenberger in the first round, Johny Hendricks in the first round. I think they have to give it to me. I think everybody is waiting to see how everything is going for the Tyron and Robbie Lawler fight coming up. I’m really anxious to see that as well. So I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on that. And yeah man, I’m trying to get that title shot in November in New York in Madison Square Garden. I think that’s the place to do it.”

“I’ve done what the fans and what the UFC expected of me. I went out there and finished some guys in the first round, went five rounds, unanimous decision against Rory MacDonald the number one contender. Give me that title shot, guys. I guarantee you it’ll be a war and an exciting fight.”

Prediction for Lawler/Woodley

“I think Robbie Lawler’s got it. He’s the type of guy that gets stronger as the rounds go on, and if Tyron doesn’t finish Lawler in the first round, you know, Tyron’s the type of guy who’s been known to get tired as the rounds go on. So I believe that Lawler’s gonna end up winning this fight.”

Why Stephen wants to fight Lawler specifically

“I would love to fight Lawler. Just because he’s been the champion longer and faced a lot of tough guys. For me to beat Lawler, when nobody else has at the top of the game, would be awesome.

How he matches up with Lawler and if stylistically MacDonald was the tougher matchup

“I believe that Robbie Lawler, he’s the toughest as they come. I mean, he’s got basic striking but he’s got tons of heart. He’s very tough, as you’ve seen in the past. His fights with Carlos Condit, Rory MacDonald have all been really, really tough, and he just came out there [in] the fourth and fifth round and came back stronger. He’s just that kind of guy. But he is a guy that will stand there and try and bang it out with you, so I think it would be a good matchup for me. Just the fact that he is the type of guy to stand there. I’ll be able to use my stand up, my movement, my angles to try and pick him apart. I don’t think he would look for the takedown. I don’t want to rule that out, because I know he is a good wrestler as well, he’s got a good ground game, but he’s not afraid to stand and bang it out.”

On what makes sense for GSP’s return

“I’m not really sure. Either stay at 170, or maybe even try – cause I know he’s a little bit shorter than me. I don’t even know if he could get to 155, but I think he would definitely make a huge splash there as well. But man, he’s one of the best welterweight’s that ever stepped in there. It would be cool to see him fight at welterweight again. I mean, he’s just a monster. But I think for him, where his level is now, a super fight would be where it’s at. Either going up in weight and maybe fight Bisping cause he’s a big guy.”

“If he would fight Bisping, I don’t think it would be for the title. I think it would just be a money fight. Just because, for him to be out for so long and go out there and straight go for a title would be unfair for a lot of the fighters in the division. So I don’t know if they would go that route, but in just a big money fight, I think he would beat Bisping.”

If Stephen is worried that GSP might get the title shot over him

“I don’t think so, man. I believe they want big things for him if he does come back. So I believe maybe they’re going to do like a big money fight.”

If Stephen would have any issues facing GSP

“I would [have issues facing GSP]. Just [because of] the fact that I’ve known him for a very long time and been a part of his camps for a long time. But I think he knows what my goal is, and that’s to be the champion. I’ve worked really, really hard this year and since I’ve stepped foot inside the octagon to get there. So we’ll see.”

If he believes GSP would avoid welterweight out of respect for Thompson

“Maybe. I mean, he’s that type of guy. He is a very nice guy and maybe, man. He can possibly do that.”

If Wonderboy’s management still plans to put the heat on the UFC if they don’t give him the title

“I believe so. If they don’t give it to me – I believe my management company, they’re really good with that and going out there, talking to the UFC, talking to Dana White and trying to get things figured out. So I know they have my back one-hundred precent on this and that’s what we’re going for.”