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Start Training for the New Year with These Deals

Are you going to be training in the new year? Here’s the gear you need!

If you want to compete but don’t like the idea of getting cut and battered (and if you do even a few amateur MMA fights, you’re going to take some shots), grappling may be for. Grappling doesn’t necessarily mean BJJ, but in the US today most schools that teach grappling do so under the BJJ banner.

If you’re going to be doing traditional BJJ, you’re going to need a BJJ Gi.

MMAHQ has a Break Point Gi for sale today for $110.

breakpoint bjj gi

breakpoint bjj gi

BJJ gis are expensive.

If you prefer to stand and bang, you can focus on boxing, muay thai or traditional martial arts style striking.

punching bag

You will first work on your cardio, then learn how to throw some strikes, then work on hitting a heavy bag and the last step before you start sparring, will be working with someone using thai pads.
thai pads