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So Many Interesting MMA Facts Your Head Will Explode

This compilation of videos put together by ix3623 is your one stop source for MMA facts that I and maybe yourself had no clue about. The first fact is my favorite as I am a huge “Bloodsport” fan.

Zane Frazier was invited (to UFC 1) because he beat up Frank Dux in the lobby at a Karate competition.

Of course Frank Dux is the fighter that “Bloodsport” is based on as being the first American to win the Kumite competition. There are plenty more gems in this series of videos that shouldn’t be missed including this one involving the Gerard Gordeau vs. Teila Tuli bout.

One of Teila Tuli’s teeth that Gordeau kicked out just missed John McCarthy’s wife when it flew into the crowd. She got up and left the event immediately.