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Why Silva vs. Jones Jr. is a Terrible Idea for the UFC

We’ve see only a handful of what could be considered, “fun” match ups in the UFC. We had the debut of Brock Lesner after having only 1 professional MMA fight, we had James Toney, a world championship boxer out of his prime, fight a UFC legend in Randy Couture, and Royce Gracie come back to fight Matt Hughes after an 11 year absence from the UFC. The one thing that all of these fights had in common, were that they were fought in the UFC as MMA matches.

Anderson Silva is planning on facing the mulit-champion boxer Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match. Yes, a boxing match. After getting knocked out by Chris Weidman in an MMA fight just months prior, Anderson Silva is looking to box one of the greatest boxers of this era. And what does Dana White think of this? Well, if Anderson Silva wins his next fight against current Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman, then the UFC president is open to the idea of Silva boxing Jones Jr. in the UFC. Here are some of a few reasons why this idea is terrible for the UFC, Dana White, Anderson Silva and the middleweight division.

Boxing in an MMA Organization

Although nothing has been confirmed, from what has been said, it sounds as though Dana White would want the boxing match between Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr. to be fought under the Zuffa banner, and possibly in the UFC. The UFC is an MMA organization, not a boxing organization! Why would you have cricket match being played between an MLB team and a professional cricket team under Major League Baseball? Would tennis have their top tennis player face a legend of badminton at Wimbledon?  Of course they wouldn’t, and for the UFC to put on a boxing match inside of the UFC, most likely headlining an event full of MMA fights, is ridiculous.

Dana White Sounding Hypocritical     

How does Dana White feel about champions taking time off from defending their title to pursue other things? Well, if you are Georges St-Pierre, then Dana White feels as though you owe it to the UFC to defend your title. Taking time off to destress after complaints about mental stability, losing memory and a stressful training camp is not a legitimate reason to take time off. What is a legitimate reason though, is to fulfill a dream of boxing one of the greatest in that sport that you’ve had since the beginning of your career, according to Dana. I’m sure that Dana sympathizes with Silva, and is letting Silva fight Jones Jr. so that Silva can have that dream come true. Or, Dana sees dollar signs in having that fight in the UFC. I’ll take the latter reason. If you’re going to let Silva not defend his title, if he beats Weidman, then at least let GSP take some time off so that he can sort out what ever things are holding him down.

Middleweight Division On Hold

Dana thinks St-Pierre is putting the welterweight division on hold by going on vacation. Who is a legitimate threat to St-Pierre’s title other than Johny Hendricks? The welterweight division has been cleaned out, and the only one being held up by GSP taking time off is Johny Hendricks. If Anderson Silva beats Chris Weidman, who in the middleweight division could challenge him? Well, to name a few, Lyoto Machida, Vitor Belfort, Jacare Souza, Gegard Mousassi and a possible trilogy match with Chris Weidman. The middleweight division is more stacked with talent than ever! Why should all of these great fighters wait around for Silva to fulfill a dream of his, while they are kept waiting? You can’t keep the middleweight division on hold for what could be another eight months with all of these challengers waiting in the wings.

Anderson Silva Getting Knocked Out

How bad would it look if a boxing great well past his prime knocked out the greatest fighter in UFC history? Well, add one more thing for boxing fans to bug MMA fans about. Boxing vs. MMA will forever be a rivalry as long as both sports are relevant, and so far we’ve seen a former champion in James Toney get beat by Randy Couture, and former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Silvia get knocked out by boxer Ray Mercer in Mercer’s only professional MMA bout. The latter of the two fights was not fought in the UFC, but it was embarrassing for MMA fans to see a former UFC champion get knocked out in nine seconds by a boxer. Could Anderson Silva beat Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match? Well, the odds are stacked against him. What I’m worried about, and what Dana White and MMA fans should be worried about, is what are the odds that Silva gets knocked out? How much would it hurt the UFC if their middleweight champion gets knocked out in a boxing match held by the UFC? I would think that it would de-legitimize Anderson Silva as a champion, and would leave a bad taste in the mouths of many UFC fans. Let Anderson Silva box outside of the UFC, or make him vacate the middleweight championship if he beats Weidman and still wants to pursue a fight against Jones Jr. after UFC 168. Don’t have the fight in the UFC, and don’t hold up the middleweight division.