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Sarah Kaufman Dominates Leslie Smith to Get the Decision

Sarah Kaufman Dominates Leslie Smith to Get the Decision

-Sarah Kaufman vs. Leslie Smith

Round 1: In their first meeting at Invicta FC 5, they beat the hell out of each other. Well, they pretty much picked up where they left off, with both blasting the other with barrages of punches and occasional kicks. After about a minute Kaufman seems to zero in on Smith’s face with her knuckles, so Smith counters with stifling pressure against the cage. Still, with every inch of space she gets, Kaufman takes the opportunity to crack Smith in the grill, and the round ends with the former Strikeforce champ ahead.

Round 1 goes to Kaufman.

Round 2: The violence continues unabated in the second frame, and with every accurate combo that lands upon her, Smith grows more and more wild. Although she shows a ton of heart by sticking in there and refusing to back down, Smith is getting picked apart.

Round 2 goes to Kaufman.

Round 3: Fatigue sees them clinching a bit more in this round, but it’s still otherwise all Kaufman, all the time. The only difference between this and prior rounds is the last 45 seconds, which has Kaufman throwing Smith down and battering her.

Round 3 goes to Kaufman for sure. 

Result: Sarah Kaufman def. Leslie Smith via Unanimous Decision