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Sanctioned MMA in New York Not Happening This Year

Sanctioned MMA in New York Not Happening This Year

Things are looking grim for proponents of sanctioned MMA in New York this year. For the fifth year in a row, the State Senate passed their half of the bill that would lift the ban of professional MMA competitions while the Assembly has just about let their half die in committee. MMAJunkie has the skinny from UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner:

“It’s never made it to the floor; I would say it will not make it to the floor again (this year),” Ratner said this past Friday.

“I’m always cautiously optimistic,” he said “But right now, I feel like the handwriting is in big block letters on the wall and we’re not going to get it done this year.”

There are only few days left in New York’s legislative session, so Ratner’s assessment is sadly accurate.

While no one factor can be blamed for the Empire State’s inability to do what the rest of North America has done and accept MMA, fingers can be pointed at Culinary Union influence, ignorant politicians and apathetic constituents.

Regardless of the ban on pro MMA, events featuring amateur versions of the sport continue on unabated. In fact, here’s a bout from a show in Queens this past weekend: