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Report: Jon Jones Wanted For Questioning Regarding Accident

jon jones

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is wanted for questioning and nothing further regarding an auto accident over the weekend.

After initial reports stated that Jones was already in custody, David Kano confirmed on Twitter with the Albuquerque police that “Bones” is not in custody, is wanted for questioning and there has been no contact made between the department and the fighter.

A member of the police department, officer Simon Drobik, said reports that drugs were found are “false” and that “I don’t know where the hell that came from.”

Drobik added that “Jon Jones is wanted for questioning in a hit-and-run where an older woman was transported to the hospital for injuries.”

After his win over Daniel Cormier, Jones entered himself into a drug rehab facility following a positive test of cocaine. He admitted the use, but said he was clean and off illegal drugs in the days following the ordeal.

Currently, Jones remained booked for a May encounter with Anthony Johnson for the title.

The Albuquerque Police Department’s official Twitter page last updated the situation several hours ago, and the page also notes several accidents with injuries in the city over the last several hours.