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Renan Barao Doesn’t Remember Anything Before Or Immediately After His Weight-Cutting Fiasco

ufc 177

Former UFC bantamweight champion Renan Barao confirmed reports that he fell and hit his head while attempting to cut weight for his scheduled UFC 177 title fight with T.J. Dillashaw.

Barao appeared on the FOX Sports 1 broadcast prior to the pay-per-view. He was replaced by Joe Soto on Friday in the main event.

“I was dehydrating in the bathtub and I fainted,” Barao said. “I hit my head and I don’t remember anything before or after, just waking up in the hospital.”

Barao, who cuts quite a bit of weight the week of a fight, stated everything was going “fine” in regards to the weight-cut before the fall.

“Everything was going great,” he said. “I hit my head in the bathtub and it all went down from there.”

Joe Rogan was conducting the interview and pressed the issue, asking how Barao could be “fine” now if he blacked out while cutting weight.

“I’ve had 35 fights cutting weight this method and it’s always been fine,” he said.