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Remember That Guy with a Mask On That Crocop Almost Killed with a Head Kick? He Won the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday

Can I Ask You a Question Mr. Del Rio?


File this under the “something I had no idea was happening” category and save the “Where’s your pro wrestling now, playboy?” jokes for later. I didn’t know this, but apparently Dos Caras Jr. has been doing it big in the WWE. You may remember Caras, now known as Alberto Del Rio, from his Pride Bushido bout against Mirko Crocop when Crocop threw a head kick 45 seconds in that put Rio on some universe not discovered yet. Well on Sunday he won the Royal Rumble and now will be headlining Wrestlemania. The next night at WWE Raw Rio celebrated his victory.
From the Baltimore Sun’s wrestling blog

I liked the opening segment, which began with Alberto Del Rio celebrating his Royal Rumble win by having a mariachi band playing in the ring. Del Rio announced that he would face Edge for the world heavyweight title (if Edge is still champion after the Elimination Chamber) at WrestleMania. The segment ended with Del Rio shattering a guitar over Edge’s arm and then applying the Cross Armbreaker. This initial confrontation already has me looking forward to the match between Edge and Del Rio.

If you guessed that “cross armbreaker” is basically an armbar, then you win, although Caras has never won an MMA match via armbar. Would any ever have thought that Don Caras Jr. would’ve gone on to do big things? Actually after the Crocop fight he went on to amass a 6-2 MMA record in smaller organizations. Check out the video below for a look into the current life of the immortal Dos Caras Jr.