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Rediscovered Territory

Hey MMA Scraps fans, first a little background. I apologize to the long time readers of this site for sporadic and minimal posting that has been going on for awhile. The difference between most sites and MMA Scraps is that there is only one person running this site so if life gets in the way, as it has on occasion, the posting suffers. I finally found someone I can trust with the site to run it when things like this happen. Not only this site, but we are bringing back the original MMA Scraps also known as will still be your source for up to date news, interviews and the occasional randomness that people have grown to like. MMA Fight Videos will be all about fights, knockouts, submissions etc. And oh yeah we are also bringing back K-1 Scraps, so check there for updated K-1 videos daily.

All three sites will be updated daily with new content more frequently than ever before and every week we will do a link club across the network along with my new site Watch Video Games and some other friends across the net. For those who have only recently discovered the site I have included below some of the most popular links from the old days, enjoy. Those who have been long time readers I personally thank you for making this site popular and you will be rewarded for sticking with us.

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