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FightLine in the Field: Reality Fighting New Year’s Bash 2

Fightline was on hand on Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena, as Reality Fighting kicked off 2014 with a seven-fight card and crowned a new bantamweight champion when Triumph BJJ’s Joey Gomez knocked out Lauzon MMA’s Joe Cushman in the first round. The card featured three pro fights and four amateur contests. In the co-main event, 43-year-old Brigette Narcise, from K Dojo Warrior Tribe, made her amateur debut against Gladiator BJJ’s Sarah Payant, and took home a unanimous decision in their flyweight fight with three 30-27 scorecards. In the only other professional fight of the night, Marvin Maldonado moved to 1-1 as a pro with his first round armbar of Mico de los Reyes. De los Reyes trains out of Dexter MMA and falls to 0-4 as a professional with the loss on Saturday.

Here is a fight-by-fight breakdown of the action with a few videos, and complete event results from Reality Fighting New Year’s Bash 2:

The first fight ended quickly and would set the pace for the rest of the night. Underdog BJJ’s Josh Flores made his amateur debut against New Era’s Mike Johnson in a 140-pound bout. Johnson immediately went for the takedown and the fighters found themselves jockeying for position up against the fence. After Johnson got Flores down they scrambled back to their feet, and a huge right hand from Flores sent Johnson to the mat and a few follow-up punches caused the referee to waive it off at 2:02 of the first round.

There was very little time between the fights, and next up was Mico de los Reyes taking on Marvin Maldonado. Maldonado landed a leg kick right away and de los Reyes ran in and rocked him with a punch, Maldonado went for a takedown and got it, de los Reyes reversed, ended up in Maldonado’s full guard and landed some punches and elbows as they both worked for position . Maldonado landed a few shots from the bottom, found the armbar and got the tap at 1:48 of the first round to earn his first win as a professional.

The third fight of the night was an amateur featherweight fight, contested at 140 pounds, between Kevin Aurelien and Jose Rivera. Rivera tagged Aurelien and rocked him a few times in the beginning of the fight, and went for a guillotine on Aurelien after he dropped him with punches against the fence. Aurelien escaped the submission and transitioned to mount but it didn’t last long, as Rivera reversed it and wound up in full guard. Rivera picked Aurelien up for a slam, and they worked to advance their positions as the round ended.

The second round started off the same as the first with Rivera landing on Aurelien and rocking him, causing Aurelien to shoot in and get a takedown. They made it back to their feet and both threw hard shots, and Rivera got the better of the exchange as Aurelien went soaring backwards to the mat causing the ref to waive it off at 1:53 of round two.

Here is a video of the Rivera/Aurelien fight, that picks up mid-way through the first round:

Amateur welterweight action followed, with Team Plus One’s Steve Barnes making his amateur debut against Thunder MMA’s Mike Mangan. Mangan got side control on Barnes after Barnes went for a guillotine in the first round. Once they got back to their feet, as Mangan was on his knees looking for a takedown, Barnes threw an illegal knee, and the ref briefly stopped the fight, but the knee didn’t appear to land so they fought to the end of the round. Barnes came out in the second round looking for a takedown, and wound up in side control. Barnes got Mangan in a crucifix, and after briefly escaping Mangan taps at the very last second of the round to a rear-naked choke.

In a featherweight fight, Underdog BJJ’s Johnny Lopez made quick work of Johnny O’Brien, and latched on a mounted guillotine that put his opponent to sleep at the 1:09 mark of the first round. O’brien suffered a neck injury and was on the mat for quite a while, and after a stretcher was brought in and he was put in a neck brace, he was able to leave the cage on his own before going to the hospital.

Bridgette Narcise entering the cage for her first amateur fight:

Reality fighting 02

The only fight to go to the judge’s scorecards was the co-main event between the debuting Brigette Narcise and Sarah Payant. Payant started off the fight swinging but got taken down early by Narcise. She went for a guillotine, but Narcise got out and worked her way to half guard, and they stayed on the ground for the rest of the round, with Narcise going for a heel hook close to the end of the round. 

The second round started with Payant landing a big uppercut on her opponent which caused Narcise to clinch up and get the fight to the ground. Narcise got a second takedown from the clinch after Payant was able to stand up from the first one. The ref stood them back up after Payant was able to mute most of Narcise’s attempts to advance her position. Narcise got a third takedown to close out the round.

Payant landed some good punches to start off the third round, and they both threw some knees up against the fence. The final round was primarily contested against the cage, with Narcise finally getting a takedown at the end of the round. Narcisse dominated the grappling exchanges in her debut fight and took home a unanimous decision win.

Here is a video of  all three rounds of the Narcisse/Payant fight:

By the time the main event was set to start, the floor and lower-bowl seats had pretty much filled up. This would be the 15th pro fight for Cushman, the third for Gomez. Cushman misses a big uppercut right out of the gate, and Gomez cracks him with one of his own and drops Cushman. A few hammerfists later Joey Gomez is the new Reality Fighting bantamweight champion. The fight was waived off at :40 of the very first round.

Here is a video of the main event fight between Joe Cushman and Joey Gomez:  

Complete Results Below:

Bantamweight Title Fight:

Joey Gomez def. Joe Cushman by TKO at :40 of Round 1.

Amateur Flyweight Fight:

Brigitte Narcise def. Sarah Payant by unanimous decision.

Featherweight Fight: 

Johnny Lopez def. Johnny O’Brien by submission via guillotine choke at 1:09 of Round 1.

Amateur Welterweight Fight: 

Steve Barnes def. Mike Mangan by submission via rear-naked choke at 2:59 of Round 2.

Amateur Featherweight Fight: 

Jose Rivera def. Kevin Aurelien by TKO at 1:53 of Round 2.

Flyweight Fight:

Marvin Maldonado def. Mico de los Reyes by submission via armbar at 3:11 of Round 1.

Amateur Featherweight Fight:

Josh Flores def.  Mike Johnson by TKO at 2:02 of Round 1.