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Ray Sefo Attempts To “Clear The Air” Regarding Caros Fodor Vs. “Phoenix Jones”

wsof 32

Things got weird during World Series of Fighting 32 recently, as “brothers” Caros Fodor and Ben “Phoenix Jones” squared off.

The two, who made it quite obvious that they wanted to fight, fought to a decision on NBC Sports Network.

While that should have closed the door on it all, a pre-fight interview that aired with Jones caused issues. Many questioned the match-making of pitting the two against one another, which has led to WSOF president Ray Sefo making a statement:

“In the week since our card, I’ve seen some backlash about why we decided to promote this fight, and I honestly think much of it is unfair,” Sefo wrote online. “This fight was not our idea. In truth, these two brothers have been at odds for years, and both Phoenix and Caros have talked about the possibility of meeting in the cage on several occasions. After years of discussing the potential, both men finally decided it was time. With both athletes on the World Series of Fighting roster, it only made sense for us to book the fight, but I can assure you, this contest would have happened with or without our involvement.

“Phoenix was featured in a very emotional pre-fight interview on the day of WSOF32, and some observers took that as some type of sign that Phoenix was unhappy about the situation, but I can tell you that simply was not the case. Phoenix is a very emotional guy, there’s no question, and as a fighter myself, I can tell you that all of us get even more emotional on the day of a fight. For that fight to be against someone who you grew up with must certainly even amplify that emotion. However, Phoenix and Caros both very much wanted this fight. This was not something we forced either man to accept.

“In the end, Caros wound up winning a decision at WSOF32. Whether or not the feuding between the two will come to an end, I don’t know, but I have no regrets providing them with a platform to contest the prizefight they had been discussing for years.”