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Patrick Cote Bests Kyle Noke In Three-Round Battle

Patrick Cote Bests Kyle Noke In Three-Round Battle

-Patrick Cote vs. Kyle Noke 

Round 1: Noke’s gameplan is immediately clear – use his kicks to chip at Cote from afar, or tie him up – and he seems somewhat successful early on. But midway through the round the Canadian gets a takedown delivers some ground and pound from within Noke’s guard, and we have a dogfight. Although Noke does manage to threaten with some triangles and armbars from the bottom, it’s pretty much all Cote.

Round 1 goes to Cote.

Round 2: The rounds starts off looking like the frame preceding it, but at a minute in Noke nails Cote with a knee when the Canadian is coming in, and then it’s all about Cote trying to clear the cobwebs. He eventually does, and gets Noke back to the ground at the midway point of the round to resume his ground and pound onslaught. The round ends with the two on their feet, throwing single strikes.

Round 2 goes to Noke… I think.

Round 3: For the first three minutes, Noke has a modicum of success kicking at his foe’s knees and body from a distance. But a takedown and some pounding by Cote complicates matters, and the round ends with Cote pressing Noke against the fence.

Round 3 goes to… oh, who knows. 

Result: Patrick Cote def. Kyle Noke via Unanimous Decision