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NSAC Marijuana Rule Change To Catch Frequent Users

The purpose of the NSAC to increase the limit of marijuana metabolites from 50 mL to 150 mL certainly has those fighters who have been popped for the substance cheering. By tripling the limit, NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer says the new rule will penalize those who have gotten high the week of their fight.

“The scientific part was, we’re going to play it safe,” said Kizer. “If some of the people get caught, they may not have abused for two weeks. But we want to make sure that the other people that marijuana gets out of their system more quickly, that they don’t get away with smoking within days of the competition.”

Fighters failing a drug test for marijuana have created somewhat of an uproar. Those in support of the drug don’t understand why they should be penalized as it doesn’t help their performance like PEDs do.

The new rule should go into effect sometime this month. Fighters who in the past have failed a drug test for marijuana can’t appeal those rulings.