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New York Times Writer Apparently Didn’t Watch the Smith/Lawler Fight

(Pic Props- MMA on Tap)

New York Times writer Joshua Robinson did a write-up on the CBS EliteXC show from last night. The article focuses on Kimbo mostly, but he did a small write-up on each of the other televised bouts. This is what he had to say about the middleweight championship match between champion Robbie Lawler and challenger Scott Smith.

The next bout, between Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith, was a dull affair. The officials stopped it in the third round after what they deemed an accidental foul — Smith took a thumb in his right eye — and the bout was declared a no contest. But that fight was quickly forgotten when Slice stole the show.”

Albeit an anticlimactic ending, but was still one of the best scraps in awhile until the ending. The first minute and a half was slow and thats probably when this guy stopped watching the fight. Just something interesting I wanted to share.

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