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Nate Diaz On Conor McGregor Rematch: “People Want To See It”

ufc 200

Nate Diaz made his first-ever appearance on “UFC Tonight” earlier this week, and the brash fighter made it count.

Diaz, who is rumored for a rematch with Conor McGregor at July’s UFC 200 event, made sure to let everyone know his thoughts on the possible bout.

“It’s a real fight. People want to see it,” he said. “When you get a real fight, people appreciate it. If he wants it and UFC wants it, let’s run it back. If not, whatever. I’m here to fight the best fighters in the world.”

Diaz scored a second round submission victory over the featherweight champion at welterweight. The rematch could happen at lightweight this time around.

“I didn’t have a training camp for the fight,” Diaz said. “I always pay attention, but didn’t have time to get ready for this. My timing wasn’t right. Nothing surprised me that he did. Every shot he threw, I saw it coming. Experience comes in to play. I’m always ready to fight five rounds with anybody. Tomorrow I’ll do five rounds. Depending on what kind of shape determines my pace.

“If there’s a second fight, I’ll fight at 55. I’d like to be in shape. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear no excuses. I’ll make 55. I was planning on making 55 last time.”

As for if the McGregor bout is one he wants instead of a title shot, Diaz laid it out in typical “Stockton Bad Boy” fashion.

“I think that title thing is a fairy tale,” he said. “The best fighters in the world are getting paid the best money. The belt is a fairy tale, as far as I’m concerned. That might piss a lot of people off.”