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MMA Scraps Ultimate Faber vs Pulver Primer

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The biggest fight in WEC history takes place this Sunday and it should be a hell of a scrap. Just a short prediction from me in this featherweight match-up. Jens has the experience and Faber probably has more strength and skill. The problem I see for Pulver is that Faber has a brawl and maul style, basically he wants to find anyway he can to take the fight to the ground and pound his opponent out. Jens hasn’t shown consistent ability over the years to stop a takedown from happening, so its gonna be hard for him to stuff a Faber shot.

Pulver definently has a significant advantage on the feet and if he is able to turn the fight into a striking match he can win. Urijah is young, cocky and strong he is at the top of the featherweight ladder right now(the Kid Yamamoto fans will scorn me for saying that), but I think Pulver is the kind of experienced fighter that could savvy his way to a victory.

Ultimately, I like Faber to win it, alot of fans don’t care for Faber because of his brash cockiness, but he can back it up. I’ll be rooting for Jens, but I just can’t pick against Faber in this fight, hopefully I’ll be wrong(which is highly possible!).

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Fight Description
One is a legend in the sport of mixed martial arts; the other is an established star on his way to greatness. But when MMA pioneer Jens Pulver challenges WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber on Sunday June 1st at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California, only one of these 145-pound fighters will emerge with the victory in the most important featherweight bout of all-time.

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