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MMA Scraps First Caption Contest

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Its simple, leave your captions in the comments for the picture above and the one I find the funniest will win Season 1 of “Human Weapon”.

HUMAN WEAPON follows Jason Chambers, America’s own fighting Welterweight Champion & Bill Duff, former Pro Football Player & Wrestler, as they train with international hand-to-hand combat masters and learn the history behind the world’s most fascinating forms of combat…

Their thrill-seeking quest takes hosts Jason and Bill to some extreme and exotic places. Each episode of HUMAN WEAPON charts an expedition through foreign continents, famous cities, exotic villages, back alleys and lush landscapes in their quest for a different type of combat. After learning about the history and culture, and training in it themselves, they will see if they have learned enough to take on one of the professional fighting masters in the discipline – and survive.

If your comment is not approved right away its because Intense Debate filters some of them for language, but don’t worry I will read it and approve it as soon as I can. The winner will be announced Monday Feb. 2.

There will be 2nd and 3rd place prizes, I just haven’t figured out what it will be yet, but I’ll keep everyone informed.

Multiple entries are OK!!