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MMA Article- Top 10 Most Fearsome MMA Fighters

This is a good article from cbs sportsline although not very accurate.

One thing that puzzles me is Jeff Monson at #1 and Kimbo SLice should not be on this list.

By Greg

Mixed martial artists are the scariest athletes on the planet. They’re not necessarily the biggest or strongest or best — but they are the scariest.

Think about it. These guys have chiseled their bodies down to muscle and bone. They enter a cage knowing their fight can — and probably will — end with someone knocked out or choked unconscious. Unless the referee stops the fight in time, the losing fighter could die. MMA is that dangerous. (And that cool.)

But some of these dudes are scarier than others. In my worst nightmare, I would find myself locked into an Octagon with any of these 10 guys.

10. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson: The UFC light heavyweight champion barks and howls and walks around in python-thick steel chains, but what makes Jackson terrifying is his body slam. Nobody slams as viciously as Jackson, who could have killed Ricardo Arona in 2004. Arona probably thought he was close to victory when he locked his legs around Jackson’s neck and started squeezing — a move called the triangle choke — but Jackson stood, raised Arona over his shoulders and whip-lashed him to the ground. The back of Arona’s skull smashed into the mat, and he was out cold. See for yourself. It’s awful.

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