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MMA Article- George Foreman- “I Love the UFC. I Love It”

Wow boxers do like MMA and not to mention one of the greatest and most knowledgable boxers of all-time. This interview just goes to show that boxers can respect the skills of MMA fighters. Check out the article below.

Article by Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports.

Had the sport of mixed martial arts been around in 1966, the history of boxing may have taken a vastly different turn.

That’s because two-time boxing heavyweight champion George Foreman said he would have chosen MMA instead of boxing had it been available to him.

Foreman, who in 1994 became the oldest man to win the heavyweight championship when as a 45-year-old he knocked out Michael Moorer in one of boxing’s most memorable matches, said he is an MMA fan.

“I love the UFC. I love it,” Foreman said. “If they had had that back when I was coming up, in 1966, it would have been my sport. Man, I love it. And you know what? Nobody would have pulled the rope-a-dope on me.”

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