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MMA Article- Boston Herald Interviews Randy Couture

This is Q&A with the Natural from the Boston Herald.

Article by Herald Staff

Ludlow’s Gabriel Gonzaga will be up against one of Mixed Martial Arts’ true legends when he battles Randy Couture at UFC 74 on Aug. 25 in Las Vegas. At age 44, Couture is the current and three-time UFC heavyweight champ, and the two-time light heavyweight title holder. Leading up to the fight, has been providing exclusive Gonzaga video, as well as Q&A’s regarding the fight. Below, we hear from Couture about facing the up-and-coming Gonzaga.

Q: What did you think about doing the ESPN interview for your upcoming fight while sitting right next to Gabriel Gonzaga?

Couture: I think people freak out when two guys who are going to fight each other are next to each other.We share respect as fighters, and so it’s not like in boxing.We’ll fight each other at UFC 74 and what happens, happens, but we’ll still have respect for each other after the fight.

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