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Michael Bisping, Anderson Silva Not In Holiday Spirit

1 – De onde veio esse soco? 2 – Chute na boca! De onde veio esse chute? 3 – Vou correr desse cara! Será que não vão dar a luta pra mim? 4 – Bateu um sono aqui, vou dar um cochilo e já volto, afinal, estou em casa! Good Save the Queen! Sempre bom lutar em casa… O dia que nocauteei e perdi por pontos. Na terra da rainha, não é diferente do Brasil, time da casa tem peso dobrado! God Save the Queen… ———— 1 – Where did this punch come from? 2 – Kick in the mouth! Where did it come from? 3 – I will run from this guy! I hope they'll help me in this fight! 4 – I think I'm going to go to sleep and I'll come back later, because I'm at home! It is always good to fight at home. God Save the Queen! The day I knocked someone out and ended up losing by points. In the Queen's land it is no different from Brazil, fighting at home has its advantages! God save the Queen!

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Recently, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva decided to make a post on social media about his 2016 fight with Michael Bisping.

Silva, who lost a decision to the current UFC champion, questioned the end result.

As one has come to expect, “The Count” doesn’t take that kind of thing lightly, responded to the questions.