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Melvin Guillard On No-Contest With Ross Pearson At UFC FN 30 (UPDATE)

Melvin Guillard admitted the knee that landed on Ross Pearson was never meant to be illegal, it just happened to land that way.

Guillard and Pearson fought to a no-contest Saturday at UFC Fight Night 30 after the Brit was deemed unable to continue after a second knee connected illegally.

“It was a close call,” said Guillard, on the post-fight show. “It could have been a hairline faster. I watched it and I thought it was legal because he went limp and was out already.

“I would never intentionally hurt one of my opponents. He’s a friend of mine. It’s a grey area. Rules are rules; they are there to protect us.”

Guillard added that the decision “sucks” because “I had him hurt and I could have finished him.” However, despite the final ruling, he is willing to face Pearson again – even in England.

“I want to fight on the December 28th card in Vegas,” he stated, “but I’ll fight Ross again when he’s ready.”

Update: Pearson didn’t take long to say he was down for continuing the fight, posting on Twitter that he would be willing to take on Guillard in March when the UFC returns to England.

“Sorry to all the fans tonight crazy things happen in this sport but March 8th me and (Guillard) will put on the unfinished show,” he wrote.