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Matt Brown Takes Down Mike Swick (Fight Video)

ufc fight night 40

Saturday, Matt Brown will go for his seventh consecutive victory when he steps inside the Octagon against Erick Silva at UFC Fight Night 40.

Brown earned his fourth straight win back in 2012 when he finished Mike Swick in the second round of their fight at UFC on FOX: Henderson vs. Diaz.

Courtesy of the UFC, check out the fight replay between Brown and Swick in the video below. Also, below is the fight recap from the bout.

Mike Swick vs. Matt Brown

We’ve reached the main card for the evening, as welterweights Mike Swick (15-4) and Matt Brown (15-11) open things up on Fox. The referee will be Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Brown staying tight, and now comes in and eats a left from Swick. Swick with a right, but Brown pushes him away. Swick hints at a takedown but stops short. Brown goes for a takedown and gets it, dropping down and holding the neck of Swick. Brown has the right arm grasped of Swick, going for a choke and Swick is rolling, but rolls right into it. Brown appears to have it locked in tight, as Swick is looking for a way to break free. Under three minutes to go, and Brown is forced to release the hold. Swick now in guard, landing some nice, quick shots to the side of the head. Brown controlling the wrist, looking for a possible triangle choke now, but Swick seems to know that. Brown, however, throws a leg up and gets a triangle choke locked in, pulling the right arm and squeezing tight. The two are folded together like a pretzel right now, and we go under a minute. Both are working carefully, as Swick breaks free and is now going for a guillotine choke of his own. Brown hurts Swick with a vicious right and the first round is over.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Brown

Round 2: Swick looking to use the left to start this round of action, as Brown comes in with a left of his own. Brown with an elbow that connects to the face of Swick. Swick ties things up and lands some nice knees inside the clinch, as Brown pushes him back against the fence. Knee by Brown now, who is working inside the clinch, and lands a right as well. Swick now with Brown held up against the fence. Swick working the left jab. Brown continues to push the pace, walking right into Swick and dropping him with a right. This one is over, as we have another highlight-reel knockout courtesy of Brown. It was a left-hook, right-hand combo that finished off Swick.

Matt Brown def. Mike Swick via KO (left-hook/right-hand) at 2:31 of Round 2