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Mark Hunt Clears Up Use Of Australian Flag On UFC Fight Poster

Mark Hunt showed his appreciation for his “adoptive” home of Australia with the use of their flag on the UFC Fight Night 33 poster.

Hunt, who was born in New Zealand, will face Antonio Silva in December in the main event. However, he has more close ties to Australia than New Zealand, as he explained on Facebook recently.

Jus so u know I said It was ok to rep the Australian flag,even though I’m a kiwi.ive been living in Australia for nearly 20 years wife kids are Australian.i call Australia my home.and one of the main reasons Im really proud to rep the Australian flag is cause NZ has never recognized my achievements in my sport the only man to ever win the k-1 world title outside of Europe and will be the only one man to ever do it.i been fighting for 23 years 15 years at the top of the world,and what recognition does NZ give me nothing,so don’t ask me why anymore,I have jus told u.

Sounds like Hunt has been forced to explain himself a few times in regards to the poster. He is returning from a nasty Staph infection and loss to Junior dos Santos.