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Mark Bocek on Women’s MMA

Mark Bocek on Women’s MMA

Mark Bocek had a somewhat decent run in the sport, but after never coming close to sniffing range of a UFC belt, and realizing that kids these days do too many performance enhancers for his tastes, the Canadian grappler hung up the gloves. And yet, like an old man shouting at kids who inadvertently trespass on his lawn, Bocek still has some words for the sport he left behind. Which is fine – he paid his dues.

Just don’t don’t get him started on female MMA

“I’m just saying that the direction of MMA and MMA fans, they’re kind of pushing the female MMA…you know, Ronda [Rousey] technically the pound-for-pound best fighter and, we’ll put experienced, accomplished male fighters on undercards. But we’ll put females that started training last year on co-main events. That direction was kind of the persuasion that forced me to get out. I’m not a female, you know?

“But that’s the direction it’s heading. Girls like Ronda, people know who that is over Cain Velasquez. I think women’s MMA is great, I just didn’t think it should be compared to male’s MMA, just because I think it’s different. And I have nothing against women’s MMA like people think, all I was getting at was, if you want to do women’s MMA that’s great, why not just have a women’s MMA league? The events changed for me once they were having female MMA events where you had someone who had been doing judo their whole life, say, fighting a Marine who started training two years ago. That’s not the same talent of depth. It’s not too difficult to confuse people, because let’s face it, there’s a sucker born every minute, right?”

The funny thing about Bocek and his opinion of women in the sport is that there are probably a few ladies who could defeat him in the cage. He was that good.