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-Canada just broke the Nuclear Treaty with Sarah Kaufman‘s Powerbomb – [Middle Easy]

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Joe Rogan, Mayhem Miller Rip Gus Johnson – [MMA Fighting]

-UFC 121 Shaping up: Tito Ortiz will fight Matt Hamill, Napao Gonzaga will square off against Brendan Schaub – [Low Kick]

-Exclusive Interiew: For Brian Stann, It’s About The Journey – [Heavy]

Jason Miller vs. Nick Diaz Possible for October – [Five Ounces of Pain]

Fedor Emelianenko Says ‘Jiu-Jitsu Is Nothing Special,’ He Lost Because Of ‘Personal Mistake’ – [MMA Convert]

CNN decides to do their yearly half-assed analysis of MMA – [Watch Kalib Run]

Dan Hardy talks about training with Shaolin Monks near the Mongolian Desert changed his outlook on life – [Fight Magazine]

Vladimir Matyushenko Considers Himself Most Underrated Fighter in UFC – [Versus MMA]