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Legacy FC Signs One-Legged Fighter To Active Roster

legacy fc

Matt Betzold has just a 6-3 record, but he might be the most talked about six-win fighter in MMA today.

Betzold signed a contract with Legacy FC and will compete in the flyweight division. His importance comes from the fact that he competes without the services of one of his legs.

When Betzold was just six years old, doctors were forced to amputate his leg after eating poisoned candy that caused a blood clot. He had to go all the way to bringing a lawsuit against the state of Arizona to earn his license to fight after compiling a 4-1 record as an amateur.

Betzold will make his debut February 27 at Legacy FC 39 in Houston. He recently won gold in the 2014 UWW Pankration World Championships and owns won each of his last four MMA fights via submission.