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“Korean Zombie” Writes To UFC About Banning Rising Sun Design

“Korean Zombie” Jung Chan-Sung has sent a letter to all the head honchos at the UFC requesting they ban fighters from wearing the “Rising Sun” symbol. Chan-Sung sees the symbol as a representive of war crimes to the Asian population.

“A lot of furious, heartbroken people will boycott the UFC, leading to a loss of a lot of fans, which will end up leaving a very bad impression on the Asian market,” wrote Chan-Sung. “I mean, can you imagine our fighters in Nazi outfits in Europe? For us Asians, it’s nothing different.”

The design has been spotted on Georges St-Pierre and Miesha Tate wore a t-shirt of it on the first day of taping The Ultimate Fighter.

There’s been no response from the UFC.

Chan-Sung will be out until at least late 2014. Jose Aldo gave the former featherweight No. 1 contender a dislocated shoulder, among several other injuries at UFC 163.