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Kevin Souza Left UFC Fight Night 28 With A Broken Hand

Kevin Souza left UFC Fight Night 28 with the win, which he wanted, and a broken hand that he could have done without. The injury came in one of Souza’s first punches and his teammate Thiago Tavares gave advice that kept the featherweight going.

“I told Thiago Tavares between the first round that I had broken my hand and he told me to close my fist and keep punching because I was doing well,” said Souza to MMA Fighting. “I broke my hand in two places. I couldn’t throw my right hand anymore. I stunned him in the third round, but I couldn’t finish the combination.”

After 15 minutes, Souza was able to leave with a split-decision win over Felipe Arantes.

It was Souza’s debut for the UFC and he’s now 14-3. The win over Arantes was the first time Souza needed the judges to decide the outcome.

Souza has undergone surgery and there’s no return date.