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Kenny Florian, Miesha Tate Discuss UFC Fight Night 86

ufc fight night 86

“UFC Tonight” hosts Kenny Florian and Miesha Tate offered up their thoughts on Sunday’s UFC Fight Night 86 main event during a recent edition of the series.

Florian on Ben Rothwell’s keys to victory over Junior Dos Santos this weekend

“He needs to vary his attack – mix things up with kicks, punches, elbows, takedowns and the clinch game. He needs to invite the brawl and get a little bit nasty. He doesn’t want to get into a technical boxing match with Dos Santos. And he needs to land the takedown. We saw how dangerous Rothwell is on the mat. He’s got to put JDS on his back. I think Rothwell’s confidence is high right now. He believes in his training and in himself. He’ll win the fight.”

Tate on Dos Santos’ keys to victory and why he’ll win

“He needs to throw combos. He’s best when mixing his punches together. Key number two – he’s got to stick and move. He’s got to use his footwork and head movement to counterstrike. He’s got to slip and land punches. And finally, he’s got to defend the takedown. I think he’s going to be a caged animal. His back is against the wall and he has a statement to prove. That makes him the most dangerous fighter we’ve ever seen.”