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Ken Shamrock Explains His Reason Behind Returning To Fighting

Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock has put forth one of the all-time legendary careers in combat sports.

However, he wants more.

Shamrock will step inside the boxing ring later this year to meet James Quinn McDonagh in a bare knuckle match in England. The bout is scheduled to air on pay-per-view, and Shamrock wants everybody to know why he is doing it.

On his official website, the former UFC champion and Hall of Famer explains the fight as “groundbreaking, as real-as-it gets.”

“To have the chance to reconnect with my roots and compete for self-fulfillment and entertainment is truly a gift,” he said. “Many are asking why I have chosen to enter the lesser-known sport, Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB). If you haven’t yet noticed, I like being at the forefront of upcoming combat sports.

“I was the first heavyweight Pancrase champion in Japan; created the first MMA team (Lion’s Den); first to submit opponents with leg-locks; first MMA fighter to go into WWF; first fighter in MMA history to capture a championship in two countries. Likewise, I want to get in on the rise of bare knuckle prizefighting.”

Shamrock will turn 51 years old this February, having last competed in an MMA match in 2010.