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Justin Scoggins Gives Karate Another Pupil To Root For

ufc 187

On a night with several key flyweight bouts, Justin Scoggins made sure his name would be mentioned alongside the rest, besting Josh Sampo Saturday night at UFC 187.

Scoggins was able to land more significant strikes compared to Sampo, making up for being out-hit. And, despite Sampo having the wrestling background, Scoggins only went down once.

“MMA is just like life, gathering knowledge, understanding every aspect,” Scoggins said. “I’m not just a karate guy, I’m an all-around person. I want to be a better person.”

Through the early portion, Scoggins’ ability to mix up the levels of his kicks was the difference, as it kept Sampo from shooting in for takedowns.

Scoggins also admitted to getting “dropped” before during training with fellow karate wizard Stephen Thompson.