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Jose Aldo Looking For A Fight With Conor McGregor

ufc 194

Jose Aldo was in shock at UFC 194.

After catching a left hand from Conor McGregor, Aldo went down and the Brazilian’s UFC featherweight title was no longer his to take home to Brazil.

The fact that is all happened in a matter of 13 seconds left Aldo (25-2) in a state of denial.

“That was not really a fight,” he said. “I need a rematch, to get back in here.”

As soon as the bell sounded, McGregor came out after Aldo. He connected with his first shot that seemed to stun him, and the next two were all that was needed. In fact, Aldo actually threw a left of his own while going down face-first into the canvas.

It seemed like a different Aldo from the entrance on, as he never took his eyes off the ground while standing inside the Octagon. All the trash talk before, though, wasn’t an issue, he said.

“It didn’t affect me,” Aldo said. “I don’t care what he says.”

And despite plenty of rumors floating around that he would retire after, Aldo said “I’ll be back” in his native tongue to his fans in Brazil.