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Jon Jones Lost Deal With Nike Due To “Brawl” Involving Daniel Cormier

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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was dealt a stiff penalty for his involvement in the infamous “brawl” with Daniel Cormier last month in Las Vegas – and that was even before the Nevada Athletic Commission levied their penalties.

Jones, and Cormier, appeared in front of the NAC board on Tuesday during an agenda meeting. When asked about what kind of punishment the NAC should hand down, Jones stated he had already been hit hard because Nike dropped their sponsorship deal with “Bones.”

The No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter had been sponsored by Nike since 2012, wearing their gear previously to the Octagon. He even had a custom-designed shoe produced and several t-shirts. Ofir Ventura, a lawyer for Jones, said the deal was for over six figures that his client previously had.

Jones was ultimately handed 40 hours of community service and a $50,000 fine for his role in the brawl, while Cormier received $9,000 and given 20 hours of community service. The fines were based on the scheduled earnings for each fighter, taking away 10-percent.

During the hearing, Jones confirmed the loss of sponsorship was Nike. He also took to Twitter after, making several comments on the loss of Nike and his community service.

“40 hours of community service in Vegas with a fight coming up is the only thing that really concerns me,” Jones wrote. “The fact that this needs to be completed before the fight is definitely going to have effect on my camp. I respect the commission though. I am excited I get to wrk with kids though that part is a blessing in disguise. I’ll give them my best.”

When asked about Nike dropping him, Jones said “I have absolutely zero animosity they’ve been great to me.”

The two are set to meet at UFC 182 on January 3. Jones suffered an injury in training that forced the bout to be delayed.

Cormier also posted a message on social media, writing “What a day, I respect the commissions (decision) and now I can get back to what’s important and that’s my preparation. (Thanks) for all the support.”