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John Lineker, John Dodson On UFC Fight Night 96

john lineker

Check out comments from the main and co-main event for Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 96 event below.

John Lineker faces John Dodson in the headline fight, while Will Brooks meets Alex Oliveira on FOX Sports 1.

John Lineker

“I am a fan of John Dodson! I will try not to hurt him too bad.”

John Dodson

“The fight against Lineker is going to be one-sided, me moving around and hitting him a lot and Lineker is going to be swinging and missing. Poor dude. I’m going to knock him out, hopefully in the first round. If it goes any longer than that, he’s going to get really tired and it’s going to be a really boring fight.”

Will Brooks

“This fight with Alex will play out the same way it usually does for me. I’m going to go out there and out class him in every aspect of MMA and keep my winning streak going. He’s very loose and athletic when he competes, so that poses a few threats because you never know what he’ll do next. But, it’s also a weakness because he doesn’t fight with a plan or a purpose. After I win this fight, I’m looking to the winner of the (Michael) Johnson vs. Khabib fight. If I don’t get that fight, I’ll just look for anyone at the front of the line.”

Alex Oliveira

“He (Brooks) will try to grab me, but I am not going to let him. I will knock him out. I am sure that Will is trying to establish himself in the UFC, but it won’t be off of beating me.”