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John Hackleman: Glover Teixeira’s fists can put anyone to sleep

After stopping Ryan Bader at UFC Fight Night 28 by way of TKO, Glover Teixeira (22-2) proclaimed that he wasn’t satisfied with his performance which earned him a shot at the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Perhaps the UFC’s fastest rising light heavyweight is a consummate perfectionist. Or maybe he was being critical of the fact that he put himself in a position to take substantial punishment from Bader’s fists, which could have ended his undefeated run in the UFC. When Teixeira’s trainer, John “Pit Master” Hackleman, joined MMA Fight Corner on Friday, he revealed his thoughts on Glover’s performance.

“I’m happy and I’m not happy. I’m happy with his performance. I think against someone like Bader, if you get rocked like that against some schmuck, you know, then you’ve got to rethink stuff. But, if you get rocked against a guy like Bader, there’s no shame in that,” said Hackleman. “And just to come back and put him out with one punch basically, it says a lot about everything. Bader caught him with some solid shots and for Glover to withstand that real quick and then just hit him once and put him out, that says it all right there.”

Though Hackleman, who has worked closely with Teixeira since 2002, wasn’t in Glover’s corner this past Saturday, he had the utmost confidence in his ability to close out his fifth UFC win. Instead of trekking to Brazil, Hackleman watched the fights at home and had a hard time watching The PIT prodigy in the main event.

Hackleman explained that the barrage of punches Bader unleashed and wobbled Teixeira was what made him unhappy about the fight.

“This goes for most of my fighters…they hate it when they get hit,” Hackleman stated. “Just because it bothers me more than it usually bothers them. It just bothers me when they get hit – period. So, I wasn’t happy to see that, but that had nothing to do with his performance. That just had to do with the fact that he got hit. I don’t like to see any of my guys get hit or hurt.”

However, Glover survived Bader’s attack and will face the winner of the September 21 light heavyweight title fight next. Reigning champ and number one ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC, Jon Jones, will step into Toronto, Canada’s Air Canada Centre to defend his belt against Sweden’s Alexander Gustafsson.

No matter who emerges victorious, Hackleman knows that Glover will do everything within his power to win. According to Hackleman, Teixeira’s skill set combined with his hunger to accomplish everything possible while in the UFC makes the Brazilian an unstoppable force.

“I think his chances are fantastic. He’s got a lot of pluses, just the punching and knockout power. No matter what, as soon as he touches someone on the chin, they’re going to sleep,” said Hackleman. “It’s been proven time and time again. It puts him in any fight. And then when you throw in his strength, his conditioning, his wrestling and then his jiu jitsu, it’s hard to beat that.”

In just five UFC contests, Teixeira has ascended the 205-pound division’s ranks by defeating Kyle Kingsbury, Fabio Maldonado, Rampage Jackson, James Te Huna and Bader, respectively. Not only did he finish three of those fights in the first round, but he also earned two post-fight bonuses for his stunning stoppages.

With the biggest challenge of his career ahead, Teixeira declared in his post-fight interview at UFC Fight Night 28 that whether he squares off against Jones or Gustafsson next, the belt was going to be his.