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Joe Rogan’s Take on GSP vs Hughes 3

Found this picture over at MMA Fever its not photoshoped, it was taken directly after Hughes/GSP 3. Anyways I got a laugh out of it, considering Joe Rogan’s nuthugging of Hughes over the years. Not that thats a bad thing because Hughes was the best for a long, long time. If Joe Rogan would ask my friends, they would tell him that my Fedor, Anderson and Wandy nuthugging is out of control! I like Rogan sometimes, but announcing that Liddell had won the Wandy fight before a decision was rendered was not one of his finer moments. I’ve watched alot of fights and even in the most one-sided fights the announcers ALWAYS say I THINK this is a decision win for so and so. Whatever I’m done bitching about it, got a new fight video later on.

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