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Jeremy Stephens Serves Notice To Featherweight Division: I’m Here

Jeremy Stephens made an impact Saturday night, knocking Rony Jason out in Brazil and leaving the arena stunned in silence.

Stephens’ win at UFC Fight Night 32 was his second straight since moving down to featherweight, and came with a highlight that will remain in his reel for several years to come.

After the two engaged in a little exchange, it was a kick to the head that floored Jason. Stephens followed up with a right that was unneeded, and immediately apologized to UFC president Dana White for the extra shot.

“Rony Jason is a very respectful guy and very humble,” Stephens said. “The ref told me don’t stop until I pull you off; I gotta do my job.”

That job improved Stephens’ record to 8-7 inside the Octagon and 22-9 overall. Three straight losses from 2011-12 at lightweight forced the change to a new home.

“Thank you Brazil,” he said. “I come from Iowa, farm country, and I was humbled here. I respect everybody here and want to come back and fight again.”