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Jared Platt Up Against Toughest Foe Of His Career

jared platt

Jared Platt, a former Penn State University wrestler and one-time MMA fighter, was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer in his spine.

Platt, who fought for Ring of Combat in 2013 and scored a TKO victory over Mitch Whitesel, suffered a serious back injury while competing in a college tournament. In September, he was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery where the cancer was found.

A husband and father to two girls, Pin Cancer has started a fund with 100-percent of the proceeds going to support the family.

Recently, we found out that former Blair Academy and Penn State wrestler, Jared Platt had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in his spine.

For those of you who do not know Jared, he is a phenomenal wrestler, coach and all around awesome person! It is Pin Cancer’s mission to help our own in times of need, and this is a time where Jared needs us the most!

In early September, Jared was admitted to Morristown Hospital for emergency surgery because of extreme back pain. He had suffered a traumatic injury to his lower back while wrestling in a college tournament 5 years ago. Over the years he had been struggling with crippling pain and temporary paralysis in his back and legs. It wasn’t until early this month that the pain became so great he conceded to an ER visit.

His wonderful wife and father scoured all of New Jersey for the right surgeon and within hours he was admitted to the OR. Jared underwent emergency surgery on his spine. While in surgery a growth was spotted by the operating surgeon. After what appeared to be a remedying surgery, the meds wore off, and Jared was in pain again. This time the pain was not relegated to his lower back but even more extreme, and spread throughout his body and vital organs.

He was readmitted, this time to quell his pain and investigate the troubling growth. After multiple tests, scans, and biopsies it was determined that Jared has Stage 4 Cancer.