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James Toney’s Promoter Challenges Randy Couture to Get In the Boxing Ring

Dan Goossen, James Toney’s boxing promoter, doesn’t like his fighter’s chances against Randy Couture at UFC 118. Goossen instead wants Couture to throw hands with Toney in the boxing ring.

“Win, lose or draw with Randy Couture, I’ll match whatever he’s making for this fight,”… “And let’s see if he’s got the same warrior makeup that James Toney has to crossover, to the boxing business.”

I think Mr. Goossen is really missing the point. Toney has been very vocal over the past 6 months wanting an MMA bout, haunting Dana White, talking all kinds of trash about our beloved sport. Randy Couture has never called out boxers saying his sport is better and haunting promoters. Toney asked for this, Couture did not. Let’s be honest Toney is putting all his eggs in the “I’ll land one big shot” basket. My prediction? Clinch, takedown, sleep.