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Jake Ellenberger Training With Hollywood Icon Mickey Rourke

ufc 180

Jake Ellenberger will return to the Octagon next month at UFC 180 when he tries to snap out of a funk against Kelvin Gastelum.

To get himself prepared, Ellenberger has been training hard in the gym – including with a legend of the big screen.

“I’ve been training a little bit with Mickey Rourke,” said Ellenberger, during a recent interview with Submission Radio. “He’s getting ready for a big film coming up, but funny story. I was going over to his house. He gives me the address and it’s pretty dark. I can’t see very well, so I park. Anyway I get out, I ask this guy that’s standing on the street, I say ‘hey’ whatever it was 319 or something, and he goes ‘yeah it’s right here on the left.’

“So I go over, and he’s (Mickey) working out and he’s just like ‘yeah just come in, I’m in the back.’ So I walk in. Well first I knock on the door, text him, he goes ‘just come in,’ and there’s these little dogs going crazy. I walk in the house, I’m making friends with these dogs and patting them and I go and sit down on the couch, and there’s a big dog that comes in. I’m letting them smell me, we’re making friends, we’re having a good time. So now his dogs calm down, they like me, and so I’m just sitting in the living room just hanging out for a little bit and this girl walks in, and she’s like ‘hi,’ and I was like ‘oh hey.’

“But I could tell there’s something strange. You could tell that it was like a ‘hi?’ And I was like ‘hey is Mick here?’ and she’s like ‘who?’ And I’m like ‘Mick? Micky? Rourke?’ She’s like ‘oh he’s next door’ and I’m like ‘no you’re kidding me.’ And this is like, we’re talking like Midnight. Like I could have been shot. Like I should have been shot. Yeah and I’m like, ‘I just made friends with five attack dogs next door Mickey and this lady’s wondering why I just walked into her house, into this Beverly Hills mansion.'”

Rourke was 27-3 as an amateur boxer in the 1960s and 70s, including eight straight knockouts, before competing in the 90s as a pro and going 6-0-2. His film career includes roles in “The Wrestler,” “Buffalo ’66,” and “Iron Man 2.”

Ellenberger survived that ordeal, and plans on making Gastelum pay for stepping into the Octagon in Mexico City. He’s on the first losing streak of his career, having been finished by Robbie Lawler in May and dropping a decision to Rory MacDonald last year.

“He’s gonna dig his own grave,” Ellenberger said. “When he’ll make a mistake and I’ll finish the fight. That’s what it comes down to. Pressure causes someone to make mistakes and I’ve been there. I’ve been on the receiving end of that, so he’s gonna make a mistake and then the fight will end for sure.”