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It’s Time to Face the Facts, Nick Diaz is Really F ***ing Awesome

First off I apologize for the sporadic posting the last month, normal posting will resume as of right now.

I was never a fan of Nick Diaz. From his IFC to UFC to Pride to EliteXC to Dream to Strikeforce I have always rooted against him. Why? I am someone that usually frowns upon taunting an opponent in the ring, disrespecting fans of the sport and participating in embarrassing post fight brawls. Now I’m not saying I don’t still frown upon these activities, but there is something different about Nick Diaz, something polarizing. You really want to hate the guy and I’m sure some fans still do.

It’s one of those things that he has become so good and so exciting at what he does that to dislike him would be doing yourself(especially hardcore MMA enthusiasts) an extreme injustice to not appreciate him. I picked against him when he fought Gomi, Shamrock, Zaromskis, Noons and Daley. Looking back I really only did it because I didn’t like his personality.

I used to tell everyone on twitter, all my friends, anyone who would listen “Diaz has striking defense liabilities and he’s going to get KO’d”. It’s true as we saw last night his striking defense leaves many holes, but who cares. The guy’s chin is incredible and you realize he is able to recover very quickly because the guy trains like an animal. He doesn’t do many interviews and it’s because he’s constantly training and really isn’t that what we ask of our MMA fighters? Train more so you can be constantly improving.

While other fighters are talking up why they fight as to defending a legacy or tasting glory or having honor Nick Diaz says “I fight for money”. Which in prize fighting is really the number one reason they fight, in other words Nick Diaz says what other fighters are thinking and you have to respect that. I always thought it was silly when baseball enthusiasts would dislike Pete Rose. I thought how could you love baseball and not appreciate the guy who has the most hits ever? I realized I became like this when it pertained to Nick Diaz.

How can I not love a guy who gets rocked and comes back to win in seemingly every one of his fights? How can I not love a guy who is so fluent and naturally brilliant when fighting from his back? How can I not love a guy who despite his deficiencies constantly wins fights?

Well no more. Nick “F***ing” Diaz is positively brilliant and I need not say more.