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Invicta FC 7: Results & Bout Descriptions

Welcome to FightLine’s coverage of Invicta FC 7, which promises to be an action-packed card full of top female talent. Scrapping for the flyweight crown are Barb Honchak and Leslie Smith, while the inaugural bantamweight title will be sought after by Lauren Murphy and Miriam Nakamoto. Keep hitting refresh for updates!

Nina Ansaroff vs. Munah Holland

Round 1:  Both fighters circle for the first minute, with neither landing a significant blow.  The fighters trade jabs, and Holland pins Ansaroff against the fence.  Ansaroff throwing knees, Holland punches.  1:40 left in the round and Ansaroff finally works her way out.  Holland continuing to stalk Ansaroff.  Ansaroff shoots a single and gets it, landing in side control.  Holland recovers half guard, but Ansaroff blasts her with a couple of left hands.  Ansaroff stands and the round ends with Holland on her back. 10-9 Ansaroff

Round 2:  Ansaroff shoots another single, but Holland stuffs it easily.  After a punching exchange against the fence, Ansaroff takes Holland down with a power double, landing on top in half guard.  Ansaroff attempts to pass, but Holland recovers closed guard.  Some punches from Holland, but Ansaroff lands a big elbow.  Holland works a high guard, and both fighters stand.  Holland continues to stalk Ansaroff, and Ansaroff shoots a double which is easily stuffed.  Both fighters landing, but Holland’s strikes seem a bit cleaner.  Ansaroff cracks Holland with a counter right hook and follows up with a series of hooks and ground and pound.  Holland is done.

Result:   Nina Ansaroff def Munah Holland via TKO (Punches) R2

Tonya Evinger vs Sarah D’Alelio

Round 1: The fighters trade punches in the center early.  Evinger wings a right hand and whiffs on a head kick.  D’Alelio establishes a dominant clinch position and takes Evinger down to side control.  D’Alelio looks to staple Evinger’s arm to get the crucifix, but Evinger moves her into half guard.  D’Alelio attacks a kimura, and lifts Evinger up.  D’Alelio now standing above Evinger, throwing kicks to her legs.  Evinger shoots a single and D’Alelio grabs the fence to defend.  The two scramble, and  D’Alelio works her way up with the fence and the two are separated.  Close round.  10-9 D’Alelio

Round 2:  Both fighters trade strikes again in the middle of the cage.  Evinger throws D’Alelio down with her overhook, and ends up in half guard.  Evinger throwing elbows to the body.  More elbows to the body and thigh from Evinger.  D’Alelio manages to recover open guard, with Evinger standing above her.  Evinger now inside D’Alelio’s closed guard, and D’Alelio works a triangle with her back to the fence.  Evinger defends easily.  D’Alelio goes feet on hips and pushes Evinger away, and the two stand.  Evinger cracks D’Alelio with a right hand and shoots a single.  D’Alelio defending with her back to the fence, but Evinger finishes the double.  D’Alelio stands up with 30 seconds left in the round.  D’Alelio throws a slow right hand.  D’Alelio finishes the round holding onto a single leg.  Both fighters look winded, but D’Alelio much worse.  10-9 Evinger.

Round 3:  Frenetic pace to start the round, and Evinger puts D’Alelio on her back with a double leg.  D’Alelio looking for a guillotine form half guard, but Evinger drivers her shoulder into D’Alelio’s jaw.  D’Alelio recovers closed guard, and gives up the guillotine.  D’Alelio looking for another triangle, and Evinger throws knees to D’Alelio’s body.  D’Alelio attacks an armbar, and Evinger steps on her throat to defend.  D’Alelio shoots her legs up again, but there’s nothing there.  Evinger now in side control and landing punches.  D’Alelio gets to her knees and Evinger takes her back, finishing the round.  Evinger clearly takes the final frame, and should win this 29-28.

Result:  Tonya Evinger def Sarah D’Alelio via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Vanessa Porto vs Zoila Gurgel

Round 1:  Porto stalks Gurgel early and lands a leg kick, but there’s little action.  Porto wings a right hand, but Gurgel landing more cleanly so far.  Another right hand from Porto, and Gurgel briefly catches her in a Thai clinch, but can’t land anything significant.  Porto lands a takedown off the fence with fifty seconds remaining.  Gurgel looks for an armbar off her back, and Porto postures out as the two stand.  Gurgel lands a head kick at the bell.  Close round.  10-9 Gurgel

Round 2:  Frenetic start.  Gurgel lands a combination and Porto counters.  Porto attacks a takedown but flubs it, and Gurgel ends up on her back with both hooks.  The two stand and trade strikes on the exit.  Very even standup now, as Porto picks up her pace and continues to lunge against her opponent.  Gurgel looks for a takedown and Porto throws her off with the whizzer.  Porto lunges again while Gurgel is against the fence.  Another close round, but Porto finished much stronger.  10-9 Porto

Round 3:  Porto lands an outside leg kick and lands a good right straight.  Porto lunges against Gurgel again, and takes her down with a double leg against the fence.  Porto advances to half guard, but isn’t throwing any strikes.  Porto uses very good shoulder pressure to pass to side control.  Gurgel nearly recovers guard, but Porto passes again as Gurgel attempts to armbar her.  Gurgel recovers guard and stands.  Gurgel lands a head kick.  Another combination from Gurgel and she finishes on a low kick.  Another combination and she finishes with a head kick.  Round could go either way.  10-9 Gurgel for more significant strikes in the round, despite Porto’s control.

Result:  Vanessa Porto def Zoila Gurgel via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Julie Budd vs. Charmine Tweet

Round 1:  The two trade strikes early, and Budd slams Tweet with a double leg against the fence, landing in side control.  Budd landing hammerfists and elbows from side control, and works a far side keylock.  Budd switches to north south and lands some reverse elbows.  Another keylock attempt, and Budd again switches to the elbows.  Budd attempts to go knee on belly, and Tweet recovers closed guard.  Budd puts Tweet against the fence and stands.  Budd lands a good right hand as she goes back into the guard.  Budd passes again with a minute left in the round.  The round ends with Budd on top.  10-9 Budd

Round 2:  After trading kicks, Budd closes the distance and quickly secures another takedown into north south.  Some elbows from Budd, but no submission attempts.  Tweet spins and recovers guard.  Tweet sweeps Budd into mount, but Budd quickly reverses.  Tweet catches her in a guillotine, but Budd shakes it off without difficulty.  Budd inside the half guard now against the fence.  Budd passes to side control again, and works her reverse elbows.  Tweet spins and recovers guard again.  Budd stands above her and lands two big right hands.  Round ends again with Budd on top in a completely one sided fight.  10-9 Budd

Round 3:  It’s deja-vu as the two exchange strikes, and Budd gets on top early with a double leg, ending up inside the closed guard.  Little action as Budd eventually stands above Tweet and throws some leg kicks, only to go back inside the closed guard.  1:45 left and Budd passes to half guard.  Budd throwing some punches, but nothing that threatens to finish her opponent.  Tweet recovers her guard to end the fight, but it won’t help her.  Completely one sided.  10-9 Budd

Result:  Julia Budd def Charmaine Tweet via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Joanne Calderwood vs. Katja Kankaanpaa

I’m hyped for this one more than any other on the card.  Let’s hope it’s good.

Round 1:  Both fighters circling early.  Kankaanpaa lunges in with punches but misses.  Calderwood jabbing well with her lead hand down.  Calderwood lands a check hook.  Kankaanpaa lunges in again, and this time lands a hook.  Kankaanpaa shoots a takedown, but Calderwood frames and defends.  Kankaanpaa is relentless though, and goes from single to double agains the fence, and now holds Calderwood’s back standing.  Kankaanpaa attempts to drag Calderwood down, but Calderwood ends up on top in half guard.  Kankaanpaa recovers a butterfly hook, but and Calderwood hasn’t landed anything significant.  Kankaanpaa reaps the knee and goes from outside heel hook to inside heel hook.  The two throwing punches at each other from 50/50.  Calderwood establishes top position to end out the round.  10-9 Calderwood

Round 2:  The two circle again early, with Calderwood working her jab.  Kankaanpaa shoots a low single, and Calderwood defends very well.  Calderwood stands against the fence with an overhook.  They separate.  Calderwood cracks Kankaanpaa with a right uppercut, then lands a good Jon Jones-esque front kick to Kankaanpaa’s knee.  Calderwood lands a good right straight.  Kankaanpaa shoots another takedown, and Calderwood gives up her back.  Kankaanpaa now on Calderwood’s back with both fighters standing.  Kankaanpaa drags Calderwood down, and works an arm triangle from the back.  It’s close, but Calderwood has half guard which is saving her.  Calderwood answering the phone well, and there’s no threat from the choke.  Calderwood recovers guard and Kankaanpaa lands a good right hand to end the round.  Could go either way.  10-9 Kankaanpaa for the near submission.

Round 3:  Calderwood catches a kick immediately and takes Kankaanpaa down.  Kankaanpaa shows a good guard and manages to stand.  Calderwood lands three good counter hooks.  Calderwood now pinning Kankaanpaa up against the fence, and the two separate.  More punches land clean from Calderwood.  Calderwood lands a head kick, and Kankaanpaa shoots a single, ending up on Calderwood’s back with both standing.  Calderwood gets an underhook inside, but Kankaanpaa continues to throw knees to the thighs.  Kankaanpaa switches to a single, and Calderwood uses her underhook to pin Kankaanpaa against the fence.  Calderwood shoots a takedown and Kankaanpaa stuffs it, and Calderwood pushes her opponent against the fence.  Kankaanpaa lands some good knees from the clinch, and Calderwood completes a takedown to end the round.  Great fight.  10-9 Calderwood

Result:  Joanne Calderwood def Katja Kankaanpaa via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Felice Herrig vs. Tecia Torres

Round 1:  Herrig closes the distance early, and the two battle for position against the fence.  Torres using the underhook well to keep her back off the fence, and the two separate.  Herrig shoots another double leg, and Torres grabs the fence to defend.  Torres turns it around and works Herrig against the fence.  Torres lands some huge strikes on Herrig, and starts unloading.  Herrig closes the distance again, and Torres lands some knees.  Big punches again from Torres on the exit.  On the outside again, and Torres is clearly getting the better of the exchanges.  More big punches from Torres at the end of the round, and while Herrig takes her down, it’s way too little too late.  10-9 Torres

Round 2:  Torres starts where she left off, landing some big punches.  Herrig throwing, but she seems a step behind.  Hooks, straights, and leg kicks seemingly coming at will from Torres.  Herrig lands a good right hand.  Torres whiffs on a big hook kick.  Torres throwing a lot of side kicks now.  A Torres left hook staggers Herrig for a moment.  Herrig reaching on her strikes, and Torres is just clearly outlanding her.  10-9 Torres

Round 3:  An axe kick lands for Torres and the two trade punches early.  Herrig rushes in and eats a few counters, and Torres easily gets off the fence.  Herrig not committing to any of her strikes.  Another axe kick lands for Torres.  Herrig shoots a double against the fence, but Torres establishes her underhook well to defend.  Herrig now pushing Torres against the fence, but can’t find the takedown.  Torres takes Herrig down with an outside trip, and ends up in half guard.  Good punches from the top for Torres, although Herrig sweeps and gets on top.  Far too little too late.  10-9 Torres

Result: Tecia Torres def Felice Herrig via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Invicta FC Bantamweight Championship

Lauren Murphy vs. Miriam Nakamoto

Round 1:  The two circle and trade strikes, but nothing significant so far.  Nakamoto lands a good leg kick and establishes the Thai clinch, and whiffs on an elbow.  Nakamoto having success with her jab.  Another two good leg kicks for Nakamoto.  Nakamoto attempts to land a strike while closing the distance, and Murphy uses the opportunity to pin Nakamoto against the fence.  Instead, it’s Nakamoto with the hip toss.  Murphy stands, and Nakamoto lands a big elbow on the exit.  10-9 Nakamoto

Round 2:   Murphy a bit more active early, but Nakamoto lands a good leg kick.  Nakamoto lands a good knee to the body from the clinch as the two separate.  Nakamoto lands a good leg kick and Murphy almost takes her down, but Nakamoto manages to throw her off.  Two more leg kicks, and Murphy is limping.  Nakamoto steps in with a knee, and Murphy bullies Nakamoto to the fence.  Murphy with double underhooks, and Nakamoto looks for a hip toss.  Nakamoto hit with an illegal groin strike and the referee stops the action.  Nakamoto able to continue, and she goes back to the leg kicks.  Murphy pawing the jab, but not throwing much.  Nakamoto throws an inside low kick for the first time.  Nakamoto stuffs a Murphy takedown attempt.  Round ends with Nakamoto’s nose bleeding.  10-9 Nakamoto

Round 3:  Nakamoto buckles Murphy with a leg kick to start the round.  Nakamoto throws another but Murphy checks it.  Nakamoto landing big knees in the clinch now, and puts Murphy’s back on the fence.  Murphy establishes double underhooks, and the two battle for the takedown.  Nakamoto frames to counter the underhooks.  Nakamoto elbows with her framing arm.  Murphy still working the double underhooks, and she starts landing knees.  Murphy finally gets Nakamoto down.  Nakamoto throws up her legs for an armbar, but Murphy postures and takes the back as both fighters stand.  Murphy trips Nakamoto down again, and staples her arm, landing strikes.  Nakamoto again gives her back to end the round.  10-9 Murphy

It appears Nakamoto hurt her knee on the first Murphy takedown, but she’s coming out for round four.

Round 4:  Nakamoto does a Patrick Cote/Ryan Jimmo impression and simply falls to the ground after bouncing on her leg awkwardly.  It’s over.

Result:  Lauren Murphy def Miriam Nakamoto via TKO (Injury) Rd. 4

Invicta FC Flyweight Championship

Barb Honchak vs. Leslie Smith

Round 1:   The two exchange early, and Honchak establishes the clinch.  They break.  Honchak shoots a single and again pushes Smith against the fence.  Honchak goes to a Thai clinchand Smith clubs her over the top.  Smith rushing in with punches, but it’s Honchak landing the more effective strikes.  Honchak shotos another takedown and winds up pinning Smith against the fence.  Honchak times  akick and finally gets a takedown against Smith, landing in half guard.  Honchak now working to take the back.  Honchak now has the body triangle.  Honchak with a very good choke attempt to end the round, but Smith survives.  10-9 Honchak

Round 2:  Honchak a little more effective early, and she drops Smith with a front kick, although Smith recovers.  Honchak shoots a double, and quickly advances to mount.  Smith recovers half guard.  Honchak slices through back to side control, but Smith manages to stand back up.  Big knee to the body from Smith.  Great pace from both fighters, with neither clearly getting the edge.  Much closer round, but it’s Smith 10-9 for activity.

Round 3:  More of the same in round three, as both fighters are throwing, although Smith seems to be a bit more active.  Honchak catches another Smith kick and pins her up against the fence.  Smith lands an elbow on the exit.  Smith catches a Honchak kick and nearly takes Honchak down, but Honchak recovers.  Smith lands a good head kick.  Plenty of activity from both, but again, Smith seems to have the edge.  Honchak shoots a double and gets Smith down, but Smith works an omoplata.  Smith sweeps her, and ends up on top.  Another tough round to score.  10-9 Smith

Round 4:  Honchak throwing more kicks, but both fighters are landing through the start of round four.  A minute in and Honchak lands a double, and manages to mount Smith in the scramble.  Smith recovers half guard.  Smith gets a cross wrist and starts pounding away.  Smith gets to her knees, and is still eating punches.  Smith finally stands.  More very even striking and a failed takedown attempt from Honchak closes out the round.  10-9 Honchak

Round 5:  Both throwing early, and Honchak lands a spinning back fist.  Honchak again closes the distance, but Smith is able to break.  Smith attempts a knee and Honchak turns it into a takedown, landing in half guard.  She attempts to mount but Smith recovers a butterfly hook, and nearly sweeps Honchak, as the two return to their feet.  More trading, and Honchak closes the distance again, but she can’t get Smith down.  Honchak gets the takedown with a minute left.  Smith immediately works a kimura from half guard, but Honchak defends.  Smith manages to escape to her feet as the round ends.  Very close fight.  10-9 Honchak

Result: Barb Honchak def Leslie Smith via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)