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Inside MMA- Latest Episode

Ok about the SPOILING crap, the first time was an accident so ive already apologized, it was a mistake. The K-1 videos, I didnt spoil who won or lost, I was just giving people who dont follow K-1 some incentive to watch the fights. Alot of my K-1 posts are ignored, and they shouldn’t be because like last night there are some great fights in the org. I understand why some would be upset and Im sorry for that. In the future any new event will be spoil free. As far as older fights are concerned if you dont wanna know about the fight just scroll down and play the video without reading my thoughts on the fight. I like to talk MMA, read everyones feedback and fill all the requests I can. Thats what I get out of it, sharing thoughts with other people who love the sport, if I just posted videos without saying anything it wouldn’t be fun for me. Anyways enjoy this latest episode of Inside MMA.