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Ian McCall Backtracks, Offers Apology For Homeless Comments

Ian McCall, a member of the UFC’s flyweight division, has done his best to take back comments he made concerning the homeless recently.

McCall posted a message on Twitter early Tuesday saying “I hate the homeless … I don’t feel sorry for you. If you want to change then let me throw it as hard as I can at your dirty face.”

McCall continued, but tried to change his stance, saying he only meant certain homeless people. He is scheduled to face Scott Jorgensen at UFC on FOX 9 this December.

“Hate me all you want I’ve been homeless and (strung) out,” he posted. “I changed that part of my life no sympathy for junkies who talk shit to me for no reason.”

Well, after just a few hours, “Uncle Creepy” went to The Underground and offered an apology.

“I was having a shitty day and some junkie was talking shit to me and i took it to twitter. I have nothing against the homeless I dont even know why i used that word, it has nothing to do with psychiatric people or PTSD people. Anyone that knows me knows how much charity work i do. I just had a problem with this junkie talking shit to me and i apologize to everyone that i said that. I used to have a drug problem now i despise junkies. I’m sorry for offending anyone it came off as a total asshole thing to say and for that i am sorry.”

So, there you have it. McCall hates the homeless, somebody tells him to apologize, and he does. Case closed.