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Hyun Gyu Lim Shocked At Pascal Krauss’ Ability To Take A Punch

Hyun Gyu Lim decided to stand and trade shots with Pascal Krauss at UFC 164 and his method did the trick. Krauss was no slouch as he kept standing despite the onslaught of shots from the Korean.

“Initially I was a little shocked but after I hit him a few more times, I knew I could go in there and engage,” said Lim through a translator to MMA Fighting.

For just under four minutes of work in the first round, both left with Fight of the Night.

Lim is now 2-0 for the UFC since coming aboard in March. To prepare for the time lapse, Lim flew to Toronto two weeks ago to properly adjust.

Krauss is now 2-2 for the UFC in what was his first fight that didn’t need the judges. He was undefeated with 10 wins across Europe before coming to the UFC.

UFC 164 was yesterday, August 31, and headlined with Anthony Pettiss defeating Benson Henderson for the lightweight belt.