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How to buy UFC tickets

How to buy UFC tickets

So you are looking to attend a UFC event? Make sure to read our article on why a UFC ticket is one of the hottest on the sports market.

Here are some simple (and easy) steps that will help you buy your UFC tickets and make sure you get a great price and have an awesome time.

Select an event

The UFC has events all over the world now. You will want to see when they will be close to your area or if you feel adventurous then you can travel to go to see it live. Visit our fight calendar here at which will give you a detailed summary of each upcoming fight and each venue. The UFC will usually release each new event about 6 months in advance which should give you plenty of time to plan a trip.

Decide on a price

Decide how much you would pay for a UFC ticket before you start looking at prices. Prices will range usually from $50 up to $500 so therefore you should know what kind of range you would be willing to pay. Remember that the prices will also include things like ticket fees, shipping and taxes.

Find a website with the tickets

Find an online source for the tickets – an example would be which will act as a host for tickets for most of the major UFC events. Once you find this site, navigate to their search box and type in the event you are looking for. Make sure it is correct event you are looking to attend.

Select the seats

If you know the event and the budget that you have you are now ready to select your seats. Don’t forget to read our article on ‘Where to sit at a UFC event’ in order to ensure that you get a great seat.

From the drop down select how many tickets you want and the price you will pay. There is usually a map to the side that you can click on to see where you would like to sit. Confirm that you have selected the correct UFC tickets with the correct price on the date that you’re looking to attend.

The final page will show you the price before putting in your credit card information. Review this to confirm that the price is accurate.

Select ticket options

The final step will ask you to fill in how you want to receive the tickets. One option is will-call which means the tickets will be waiting for you at the front of the event. The one worry people often have is what if they aren’t there. You can be assured this almost never happens but bring your invoice just in case. The second option is Etickets – where they will electronically mail the tickets to you and you can print them off and bring them to the show. This is often a preferred method but be sure to print out the correct tickets. The last option that some venues have is simply bringing the credit card to the front that you used to buy the tickets. This is not as popular with venues at the moment but a good option for those who don’t want the worry of possibly losing their tickets.

Hopefully this will give you some insight into buying UFC tickets and how you should go about it. Good luck and enjoy the show.