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Homeless Fighter Attempts Comeback

Homeless Fighter Attempts Comeback

When we first saw Matt Major, he was a promising up-and-coming fighter featured on the short-lived TapOut reality show. When last we saw him, he was in the Bellator cage getting TKO’d by Brett Cooper and losing a decision to Alexander Shlemenko. What’s he been up in the four years since? According to a local news outlet in San Jose, Major has been struggling with homelessness.

As per the San Jose Mercury News:

Major, 30, is familiar with hardship, both inside the cage and out on the street.

While he’s training five days a week for his comeback fight on Sept. 13, his first mixed martial arts bout in four years, Major ends each day walking in the dark back to a camp beneath Highway 87 where he sleeps on a sofa bed, using only a blanket for warmth.

The camp is a stark contrast to the cleanliness and order that surround Major most of the day: Tents and a makeshift bathroom are spread out in no particular order over much of the area, while piles of debris are scattered on the dirt floor.

Homelessness is something Major has known off and on for 10 years.

It’s a heartbreaking thing to see someone so down on their luck, especially when that person is fighter who’s had such opportunity. But as that article further details, Major’s journey was sidetracked by a broken leg sustained when he was a hit by a car, and things really spiraled after that.

Hopefully, he can get back on course.

Here’s Major taking on future Bellator champ Shlemenko: